BioValue Annual Assembly 2015

BioValue Annual Assembly 2015

This year’s annual assembly spanned over the course of two days, the 14th and 15th of September.

Close to 70 participants contributed to two interesting and productive days.

Flash Presentations

The main focus of this year’s annual assembly was the flash presentations, which were a new way to present the progress made in the different projects since the updates last year. The flash presentations limited each presenter to three minutes where their most important findings and notes had to be presented. Despite the limit of time there seemed to be a consensus that this was a great way to present the projects. The shortness of the presentations often spiked an interest between other participants who had a number of relevant questions or input, which they then shared in the breaks.  For a full overview of the presentations see below, contact information is included as well:

BioValue Annual Assembly 2015 flash presentations

Industrial Partners and Innovation Fond Denmark

Even though the assembly focused heavily on the flash presentations both days also included interesting presentations from the industrial partners as well as a presentation from Innovation Fond Denmark.

On the first day, the industrial partners, ROCKWOOL, Haldor Topsøe and DLG all had presentations.

The second day Peter Høngaard Andersen, director of Innovation Fond Denmark held a presentation. Touching briefly upon the challenges facing the BioValue platform and the biomass refinery industry as a whole. He was however optimistic remarking how there had been a growing interest for research and development activity in Denmark.

Peter Høngaard Andersen’s slides can be seen here.