A Seminar on How Danish Food Producers Can Adjust to the Future

At this free seminar hosted by Innovation Fund Denmark, discover what the future of food production looks like according to Dr. Kees de Gooijer, an expert in the field of biobased economics.

Learn about what opportunities there are for Denmark along with what the consequences will be if these are not approached and handled correctly.

Hear how sidechains can create significant business value for food manufacturers by opening opportunities for cross branch collaborations. Especially with business partners that are quite unusual for food producers, for example partners in the energy production field.

Dr. Kees de Gooijer is currently a board member on many prominent boards as well as chairman of the board of Royal Dutch Chemical Society.
He is a former administrative director of Food & Nutrition Delta with a ph.d. in bioprocesses.


Kosmopol – 44 Fiolstræde, 1171 København K – View Map

This seminar is free of charge

Additional Information
We presume the seminar will be held in English. We have reached out to Innovation Fund Denmark for clarification but have at present time not heard back.