April Platform News

This months platform news focuses on the mid-term evaluations and the restructuring of the SME-pool.

Mid-Term Evaluations

BioValue handed in the mid-term evaluations and accounts on April 1st, 2016.  We can celebrate that all projects are reaching some significant milestones (see summarized list below), and the platform board and key partners are satisfied with the management and outcome of the platform.

Financially, BioValue is on track, having activities for 56% of the grant, 28% of the cash-contributions from companies, and putting in 47% of the self-financing. A total of 19 PhD-students and 10 post docs have/are working in the projects, and have to date published 13 peer-reviewed papers and one PhD-thesis (Zhihao Wang, DTU, project 4). Find the publications on the website under “publications”. Another 67 papers are submitted or planned for the remaining period. Contact your project leader to see the current list.

Accomplishments to be highlighted mid-way are:

    • Dissemination of valuable data on new wheat genotypes and cropping systems as input for political discussions on the increased quantity and quality of biomass raw materials and optimised land management, biomass harvesting, logistics and storage.
    • Successful establishment and testing of a decentralized pretreatment process for green biomass for production of animal protein feed and a storable fibre fraction. Assessment of green biomass xylan and enzymatic green biomass conversion. Advancing to go beyond the objectives by design of an experiment to test the feeding value of pulp and protein concentrate from green biomass in dairy cows.
    • An improved knowledge and technology base for separation and conversion technologies, entailing enzyme assisted reactive separation of glucose and xylose; separation of phenols from biomass liquors; consequences of biomass pretreatment on lignin properties and enzymatic biomass processability; application of biomass-water interactions analysis as a measure of biomass reactivity; development of a microbial production of the amino acid lysine from 2G sugar streams; and significant discoveries related to synthesis of chemical catalysts and the ensuing catalytic process of converting carbohydrates from biomass.
    • Establishment of a continuous pilot scale facility for hydrothermal conversion of biomass with full analytical methods for the fractions that are produced via conversion of lignin. Ready to run full scale testing of potential binders in 2016.
    • Opening up for new collaborations through added activities in the competence centers (CC) and implementation of 6 SME-projects (see appendix 3).
  • Commercially relevant technology improvements or services are under development for
      • Haldor Topsøe (increased process yield, better catalyzers)
      • DLG (improvement of lysine technology, harvest technology, and gene mapping)
      • Novozymes (dewatering, separation and enzyme immobilization concepts)
      • SEGES (expected increased advisory services with new cost model)
      • Rockwool (new binders identified)

For Arla, KMC, DLG, and Hamlet Protein large commercial potential in various sections of the value chain exist in the upcoming validation of proteins from green biomass.

Based on the objectives and milestones described in the original proposal, BioValue is delivering as expected.


Evaluation of the SME-pool concluded that BioValue will pursue an allocation of approx. 2,4 million DKK from the SME-pool to further maturation of the protein from green biomass under Project 2. This is accepted by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), as long as 50% co-financing is ensured. The budget is coming together with great help from the industrial partners and the AU-Biobase programme. Also, an opening of the remaining SME-pool is accepted by IFD: Now the funds are not limited to projects with SMEs, though projects should still be characterized by plausible short-term commercialization and 50% co-financed budgets.

The remaining funds will be named the “innovation-pool” and revised guidelines for applying can be found here. Any questions, contact Thorkild Q. Frandsen. His contact information can be found below.