Company of the month – DLF

This month’s company feature is DLF.Print

Read about how rigorous testing and genomic selection has earned them the position as a global market leader.

Grass for farming, for sports, and for family life

DLF is a global seed and plant breeding company dealing in forage and amenity seeds, and other crops that add value to customers and end users through leading edge research and product development. DLF employees are characterized by a high level of competency, passion, and commitment. Together with an entrepreneurial mind set and a flat organization, this contributes to DLF’s unique agility.

DLF is owned by a cooperative of Danish grass-seed farmers and we are the global market leader providing grass and clover seeds to more than 80 countries.

It’s all about science and rigorous testing

The development of next generations of robust, high-yielding grass varieties is even more important for the coming years with accelerating climate change challenges ahead of us. Implementing newest scientific technologies, such as Genomic Selection (GS), are speeding up the process and increasing annual breeding gains. DLF has taken the lead to implement this new technology into grass breeding. Main quality traits in focus are higher yield of digestible cell walls and higher nutritional value and improved nitrogen use efficiency. Through participation in strategic platforms as BIOVALUE, DLF is working on the development of varieties tailored for bioenergy production.

Genomic selection – choosing grass varieties by their genetic potential

With GS we can select new varieties on the basis of their inherent genetic potential instead of data gathered during field and laboratory tests. GS gives us the ability to select multiple desirable traits simultaneously – and reduce development time.

We can replace several years of field testing of mature plants with a simple DNA test on a newly germinated seed.

BioValue Picture1.png (2)

Science has revolutionised modern world and new molecular breeding tools, like GS, will take us into a new era of grass breeding. GS accelerates the process by preselecting the best genetic representatives for different climates, regions, and conditions and is a prerequisite to secure feed and food production in a challenging future.

DLF is a partner in BioValue project 2 and has a stake in PhD project under competence center Biomass.