SEGES Landbrug & Fødevarer F.m.b.A – a BioValue partner

Company feature written by Lone Abildgaard, Senior consultant, Bioenergi, cand.scient., ph.d.
PlanteInnovation at SEGES

SEGES is the agricultural knowledge and innovation center for the farmers in Denmark. Our prime objective is to identify the commercial potential in agriculture to provide Danish farmers and horticulturalists with the best tools for running their businesses more profitably and in the way that take account of the environment and animal welfare. The activities range widely and include crop production, livestock farming, environment, ecology, economics, finance, tax legislation, IT, and architecture.

SEGES builds bridges between cutting-edge research knowledge and technologies and practical agriculture, to ensure that new knowledge and technologies are quickly implemented in the farming industry. The majority of the approx. 650 employees in SEGES work based on Agro Food Park in Skejby, but SEGES has pilot farms, laboratories, and offices in several places in Denmark. SEGES is a part of Agriculture & Food and ultimately owned by farmers.

Revenues in SEGES originate from sales of consultancy services, IT products and other specialized services sold directly to farmers or to local agricultural advisory centers around the country. SEGES participates in a wide range of national and international development projects. We perform more than 1,000 field trial every year in partnership with DLBR and we deliver facts in LandbrugsInfo, a database that comprises in excess of 120.000 articles detaining trial results, and analysis of field trials and explains new regulations.

Biomass production and bio-refining are business areas with great potential for Danish farmers, and SEGES is involved in a number of development activities. Besides being a partner in BioValue, we are also involved in the organic biorefinement program OrganoFinery, the Biochain program for sustainable biogas production, and the upcoming Region Midtjylland Bioeconomy program, that supports innovation within bioeconomy, biorefinement, and biogasproduction. Our bioeconomy team has special expertise in ecology, economics, biology, logistics, and crop production. We assess the economy in new biorefinement concepts and new concepts within biogas production, we design and optimize biogas plants in Denmark & abroad, we create new GIS tools to assess the amount of biomass for biorefinement & biogasproduction and much more. We are always interested in new projects within bioeconomy and agriculture so do not hesitate to contact us.

SEGES has the project lead of P1 and provides economical calculations for the project.