Innovation Fund Denmark has recently granted 12 mio. DKK to a new project, that to a large extent is based upon work and research from BioValue project 5.

This new project will focus on making sugar a competitive source in the use of producing plastic.

The project revolves around 3 partners, two of which are in project 5, Haldor Topsøe and DTU. The last is the Swedish company, Perstorp AB which have significant expertise with the application of bio-based building blocks in polymers and paints.

More specifically research will be conducted to test if saturated esters can be used in the production of bio based plastics. If successful this lowers the cost of producing bio based plastic and supports the producers of sugar who have seen a decline in price of sugar the last couple of years.

The project runs from 2016-2019.

Read the full project description as a PDF here or listen to the radio broadcast on DR P1-morgen from February 2nd here, where Esben Taarning from Haldor Topsøe explains how sugar can be transformed to plastics. The interview can be heard at 8:37, scroll down on the right side menu to find it. Both the interview and the PDF are only available in Danish.