New illustrated publication available for download. 

Easy-to-understand illustrations and text are now available for download below in a Danish and an English version of the booklet entitled “The Fundamentals of Bioeconomy: The Biobased Society”.The drawings are designed to create dialogue about the biobased society.

Birth of the booklet

It started by an initiative of United Federation of Danish Workers 3F; they invited Lene Lange to write a leaflet about the basic principles of the Bioeconomy. Lene accepted with pleasure; such basic information is needed. She coined the idea of communicating through drawings, with only very little text, and decided that the text should give cases all falling within the recommendations of the broadly representative Danish Bioeconomy Panel.  Next step was to invite BioValue/Jane Lindedam to ensure a broad anchoring of the project; this lead to hiring a talented illustrator (Johan Krarup). The result is the booklet entitled “The Fundamentals of Bioeconomy: The Biobased Society”, published by United Federation of Danish Workers 3F and authored by Lene Lange, The Technical University of Denmark, DTU in collaboration with Jane Lindedam as platform manager of BioValue.

The public finds the bioeconomy concept hard to understand

Professor Lene Lange, DTU, has worked in-depth with bioeconomy for decades, 20 years at Novo, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes; and for the last 10 years back in academia

-“When communicating about bioeconomy to policy makers or the general public we often experience that people find it hard to understand: What does biorefining and value chains mean? What is bioprocessing really? What roles play microbes and enzymes? What are the types of feedstocks used (more than wheat straw?); and which products are produced (only biofuel?)? Is it sustainable? Why is it such a good idea for Denmark to focus on – and why is it of special relevance for rural areas and for many types of talents? These are some of the fundamental questions being dealt with in the booklet; anyone who is an ambassador for the biobased society will benefit from having this easy-to-communicate publication on hand”, says Lene.

-“With illustrations as the main tool, the booklet provides a comprehensive introduction to the bioeconomy and explains the possibilities for Denmark, just as intended”, says project leader from 3F Jesper Lund-Larsen.  3F are deeply engaged in public debates about growth in business, green transformation and new employment opportunities in the country, including in rural areas. Thus, the publications have been sent out to members of the Parliament, Danish government, ministries, members of 3F, to all 5 regions and the 98 municipalities in Denmark.  It will soon be sent out to all primary and high schools, so they can use it for teaching.

Open use of the illustrations

Lene Lange encourages the use of the booklet in teaching and training situations, to spur an informed dialogue: –“We hope that the booklet can be used to inspire fruitful and informed dialogues between experts, policy makers, agriculture, industries and the public at large, to gain a common understanding of the Bioeconomy, technology, its sustainability and potentials: Potentials for generating new jobs and increasing the efficiency and sustainability of our use of biological resources; and at the same time also strengthening the competitiveness of  agriculture and agro-industries by creating higher value products from what has earlier been regarded as residues and side streams.  Furthermore, unlocking the full potential of biomass opens also for global leadership position and for technology export; both of importance for creating more jobs and industrial development also in the future to come.”

You can download the electronic version of the booklet in Danish or English here. Please remember to credit all illustrations or text used as “The Fundamentals of Bioeconomy: The Biobased Society” (2016). United Federation of Danish Workers 3F. Authors: Lene Lange, DTU in collaboration with Jane Lindedam, BioValue SPIR and with drawings by Johann Krarup.

If you would like to get hard-copies of the booklet, either version, for your company or to your masterclass, please contact Jane at with information on numbers and receiving address.

For additional reading on 3F-proposals for the green transition, please check out www.grø or find a 3F report with a number of specific recommendations here