Industrial perspective on the annual meeting


At this year’s annual meeting there was a focus on the industrial perspective of the research conducted in the platform. Therefore we decided to ask Hans Aae, R&D Director at DLG as well as a member of the BioValue board, what his thoughts were on the annual meeting and the future of BioValue.

“All the projects seem to be making good progress. The whole approach by the different projects was significantly more commercial than last year.” Said Hans

Challenging views

This echoed the general sentiment being expressed by the different attendees at this year’s annual meeting.  As the projects in BioValue mature and move towards their conclusion there will be an increased focus on the commercialization of the research. As the industrial and academic partners work together, input from both groups lead to interesting discussions. As mentioned by Hans:

“I think that we were able to challenge each other’s views and have a great discussion.”

Hans reiterates how the collaboration of both the academic and commercial interests in the BioValue projects adds value:

“I think that if the projects are continuously validated from an academic point of view while keeping the commercial scope in mind, that this, increases the relevance of the projects results. It is of vital importance to test the commercial perspective, to ensure that we can deliver knowledge that can generate added value in the value chain, green biomass.”

The future

BioValue will continue to strive to strengthen the collaboration of the academic and commercial partners in the future. The hope being that this will lead to even more exciting news for next year’s annual meeting, where projects have moved even further. According to Hans, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to the BioValue platform, until next year, is to “think outside the box”:

“Based on the continuous research, revealing new knowledge, it is important to challenge oneself and “think outside the box”. Being open to shifting focus if the knowledge and the market give you better opportunities, that could be of vital importance.”