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Sustainable biochemicals from wood

Borregaard operates one of the world’s most advanced biorefineries. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals and biomaterials that can replace oil-based products, thereby contributing to resolve some of the long-term global challenges associated with access to resources and the impact on the environment and climate.

By using wood (Norwegian spruce) as a raw material Borregaard produces specialty cellulose, lignin, vanillin and bioethanol.

The fibres in the wood are converted into advanced grades of specialty cellulose for products in the construction industries, and for the production of foodstuffs, tablets, cosmetics, filters, hygiene products, paints and much more.

The binding agent in the wood, lignin, is the raw material for additives used in e.g. concrete and building materials, textile dyes, ceramics, batteries and agricultural and fishery products. Borregaard is a world leader in lignin-based products. The most important area of use for lignin is as an additive to concrete where it allows for less water to be used while maintaining workability and strength.IMG_5379

Lignin is also the source of vanillin, the world’s most used taste and flavouring agent. Most of the world’s vanillin production is based upon etrochemical raw materials and Borregaard is the only producer in the world to make vanillin from wood.

Borregaard produces second generation bioethanol through fermentation of the sugars in the wood. It is used for e.g technical purposes in the pharmaceutical industry, paints, varnishes, car care products, and as environmentally friendly fuel.

In line with the Borregaard strategy of specialisation and enhanced value creation, the company invests substantial resources in research, development and innovation. Borregaard has close to 100 employees in R&D of which 34 of our scientists hold a PhD degree.

Borregaard’s research efforts are important for the company’s future. Over 12 percent of sales comes from new products developed within the last 5 years. The ambition is to increase further the rate of innovation spending around 5 percent of revenues annually on research and development.

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