March Platform News

BioValue can soon celebrate being half way to the finish line, when the platform wraps up the midterm evaluations during April. Our status presentation for the board of Innovation Fund Denmark, IFD, will be on April 27th, 2016, carried out by the trio of Jane Lindedam (Platform Manager), Jan K. Schjørring (Grant holder), and Johan Mogensen (Chairman). We are looking forward to show the good progress made by BioValue projects.

The BioValue Board met on March 2, and besides reflecting self critically on the platform for the midterm presentation, they also decided to seeking approval from the IFD to allocate money from the SME-pool to expand Project 2 with a large trial feeding proteins from green biomass to dairy cows. If accepted, this experiment will be a huge milestone in validation of the green biomass potential. In evaluating the SME-pool, the board also decided to propose a wider utilization of the remaining SME-pool funds – close to 4 million DKK. The remaining pool should prioritize new projects or new activities which can deliver near commercial results to biorefinery, in terms of growth and jobs, regardless whether or not an SME is involved. This would entail that the funds are no longer limited to projects with SMEs, but can instead be applied by all entities ready to invest in biorefinery.

Revised guidelines for the funds will be available as soon as the proposal is processed by the IFD, until then the present guidelines for applying for SME-projects are in place.

Board meeting took place at Danmark Protein/Arlas Food Ingredients plant in Videbæk, where the board learned of the impressive development route from whey to nutrition