May Platform News

April concluded the mid-term evaluations
Good progress in each project is seen, and increasing focus from the leader team towards 2018 will be given to demonstrate the flow of the entire value chain; by testing the cascading concept of utilizing all the components in the biomass by delivering physical samples or data from one project to another – throughout the chain. BioValue’s vision to make Danish companies and research institutions the world’s technology leaders within biorefinery still holds true, but market conditions are challenging the expected technology push. Thus, the board of BioValue is attentive to alliances or activities which could help generate a market pull by fulfilling consumer demands or pledge regulatory incentives. Increasingly, focus will also be given to projects (existing and to come) making concrete contributions to lowering unemployment and increasing growth, a critical criteria of success for BioValue.

Financially, BioValue has performed activities for 50% of the total expenditure budget, by disposing 56% of the grant, 28% of the company cash-flow and 47% of the in-kind co-funding. Meanwhile, additional activities and project grants worth 28 million DKK has been secured based on work carried out in BioValue.

14 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published, and one Ph.D. thesis (Zhihao Wang, project 4). As projects are building momentum this is expected to increase vastly in the coming years.

4 million DKK remain to innovation projects
Activities with SMEs have been granted 4,9 million DKK by the BioValue board, and as of end 2015 activities have been reported for 1,7 million DKK. Thus, we are awaiting many interesting results from the SME projects over the next period. They will be summarized here in the newsletter and on the website. Already concluded SME projects can be found here, while ongoing projects can be found here.  Since approx. 2,4 million DKK has been approved by the Innovation Fund Denmark to allocate to the cow feeding trail, the remaining innovation pool contains 4 million DKK.  The pipeline contains many promising innovation project applications, so be quick if your project / company / institution has an idea with commercial potential: Contact Thorkild Q. Frandsen through the e-mail below.

Change of job and responsibilities in Project 2
Our BioValue participant in Project 2, senior researcher Anders Peter Adamsen, who has been instrumental in establishing project 2 and the pilot plant at AU-Foulum for protein extraction from green biomass, is leaving Aarhus University. Anders Peter will commence his new job on June 1 at SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre as a chief scientist in environmental technology. Postdoc Morten Ambye-Jensen who has been dedicated to optimizing and running the pilot plant will, for now, take over Anders Peter’s responsibilities in BioValue. We wish Anders Peter the best of luck in his new position, and congratulate Morten on the “promotion”.

Morten Ambye-Jensen

Anders Peter Adamsen