New Paper Published in Project 5

Shape-selective Valorization of Biomass-derived Glycolaldehyde using Tin-containing Zeolites

Tolborg, S., Meier, S., Saravanamurugan, S., Fristrup, P., Taarning, E. and Sádaba, I

Project 5 has just had a paper published on the online early version of ChemSusChem. As a merit it has been designated as a very important paper.

In this paper it is concluded that the valorization of biomass-derived glycolaldehyde (GA) using tin-containing zeotypes in water has potential for establishing a platform for tetrose-derived products.
Exploitation of the shape selectivity of zeolite frameworks with different pore sizes lead to C4 products being obtainable with high selectivity.

Read more about how Glycolaldehyde has the potential to become a valuable biomass-derived platform chemical and the group’s findings in the paper below.