New pilot scale bio-refining plant

Saponin Innovation Center Europe (SICE), a company started as a SME-project under BioValue, is now partners in a project received funding of kr. 3.728.250 from Grøn Omstillingsfond to establish a pilot-scale plant capable of cascade utilization of biomass through biorefining.

The outset for this project will be extracting a number of high value products from leftover and waste biomass. Starting with sugar beet tops. The extracted products like protein and saponin have a large number of uses in commercial products the likes of washing detergent, medicine, feed and so on.

Through the establishment of this pilot-scale plant it is the project partners’ hope that they will be able to introduce the start to a circular business model in the Danish biorefining scene. By providing pilot-scale testing they will help establish proof of concept for different businesses that concern themselves with biorefining.

The effects of this projects will, hopefully, in the long run lead to a substantial growth in export of technology, products and know-how. While also limiting the need for example importing soy-protein from South America. Both will benefit the environment, leading to a more sustainable future.

You can read the project description below (only available in Danish).