Newsletter from December 2015

Two new SME- projects have been approved by the Board and another two SME-projects successfully reaching their end. The Ellegaard project has validated the use of Ellepots stem propagation system to introduce a more resource efficient establishment of e.g. sugar cane, while the Borregaard Bioplant project has successfully started the Saponin Innovation Center Europe and will continue to develop the business case for waste stream saponins from Bolivia.

Do you wonder what goes on in the political fora of BioEconomy? What is the current situation for Maabjerg Energy Concept (MEC)? Together Biorefining Alliance and Professor Lene Lange, DTU, have provided an overview of the political news on the actions needed and taken to push BioEconomy forward in the Nordic countries and EU.

The next newsletter will be in February 2016, deadline for articles or contributions is Feb 1, 2016

Merry Christmas from BioValue

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