The opening of CBIO

The participants were able to see the latest technologies in biorefinery

Tuesday 23rd of May marked the start of a new strategic research center established by Science and Technology, AU. The opening of “Center for Circular Bio-based Economics” was a well-attended events with 199 participants.

The aim of CBIO is to ensure synergy and interdisciplinary projects within the field, and to strength the collaboration with national and international companies and organisations within the Bio-based economic.

As the world is facing a number of global ‘Grand Challenges’ such as the establishment of a new bio-based economy, there is a need to develop the society towards using more renewable sources and to ensure better use of scarce resources. In order for this to become a reality, it is crucial to increase focus on basic research in the field.

With the establishment of CBIO, Danish and international research projects can now focus on creating a solid foundation for the future’s sustainable economy.

Read more about the opening of CBIO in Danish here, and watch the video where the Center Leader, Uffe Jørgensen, explain about the research in circular Bio Economics.