A PhD Student and Post Doc experience of the annual meeting


At this year’s annual meeting the PhD-students and Post Docs had posters and presentations focusing on the industrial perspective of their research.

From BioValue the intention was to bridge the gap between the people that had conducted research and the industrial partners. By giving them an open forum in which these different aspects could be discussed, either during the poster sessions or as input after the presentations of the work done in the projects.

When asked to elaborate on the experience with the scope of the annual meeting, Bjørn Kilsgaard, PhD-student in P6 said:

“It’s great to get an industrial point of view. We might lose some of the overall view in our daily research because we might go to deep in some parts. And it’s nice to see that the industry partner want this and this and that, and that’s what we have to provide.”


The overall sentiment amongst the young researchers was that the additional perspective from the different industrial partners added value to the research in the projects. Discussion also ensued around the posters.

“It’s a start for more networking” said Kiril Manevski, Post Doc, P1

Kiril’s poster attracted the industrial partners from the project.  “Now it is easier to drop an email directly to the industrial partner because a dialog has been started face-to-face”.

Moving Forward

The annual meeting has left Kiril with a feeling that the projects have all moved forward.

“It’s multidisciplinary so there are a lot of different components that still have to be finished but there is a clear sight of the end goal, especially compared to last year.” Kiril Manevski, Post Doc, P1

For some, the industrial application of their results and the subsequent constraints regarding economic viability is a positive thing.

“My project has had the benefit of having clear industrial targets in terms of product price and functionality. Our industrial partners were very specific about what we could and could not do, so a lot of the ideas were scrapped early on, cleared from the table. It might not be optimal from a researcher’s point of view, but for an engineer like me it’s fantastic to be focused. ”Bjørn Kilsgaard, PhD-student, P6

Bjørn does acknowledge that adjusting to the idea of researching with an industrial scope in mind does provide challenges that certainly need to be held in mind. Challenges that the BioValue platform will continuously work on. Hopefully the ongoing efforts and teamwork equate into more exciting news for next year’s annual meeting.

“Next year hopefully we can have even more solid proof of how many of these products can be commercialized” says Kiril Manevski, Post Doc, P1