Platform news April 2017

Platform News

Preliminary results posted on the project websites as the annual report 2016 was concluded

As BioValue is closing in on the final year, more results will become publicly available from each of the projects. Just now, each of the project 1-6 and SeSE has posted their overall progress and results on their sites on Also, the website will in the near future be updated with the final descriptions of the ongoing innovation projects, as soon as contracts are signed for the final granted projects.

Briefly, the annual report submitted to The Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) is portraying that BioValue’s projects are delivering as promised. Some general accomplishments to be highlighted from the last year are:

  • Two patent applications based on BioValue activities filed by Haldor Topsøe A/S and DSE Test Solution A/S, respectively.
  • Five ph.D. degrees awarded and thesis’ publicly available.
  • A roadmap to improving biomass yield through selection of plants with higher sun-light conversion efficiency and improved harvest strategy which supplies biomass for feed as well as energy.
  • Performing a semi-large scale protein production experiment (> 10 t green biomass per hour) and conducting a feeding experiment with 36 lactating dairy cows over three months to evaluate pulp and heat treated green protein for feeding value on the expense of grass clover silage and soybean meal. Results should be ready in Q3 2017. Results regarding xylooligosaccharides and enzymatic protein hydrololysate show interesting and scalable potentials as both feed and food ingredients.
  • Discovery that surface properties of pretreated biomass correlated to the enzymatic digestibility, which could otherwise not be explained by analysis of bulk properties and composition. New enzyme research initiated for optimizing biomass modification and fractionation.
  • New ways of utilizing biomass as a feedstock for the production of chemicals using catalysis. Some of the products are useful building blocks for novel and biodegradable polymers.
  • Two promising binder-compositions identified and successful production on the HTL pilot of soluble lignin (600 l) for full scale testing at the ROCKWOOL factory in Doense.
  • Initiated outlining of two complete value-chain cases (cost-efficacy analysis) across projects P1-P6 for refinery of one green biomass and one yellow biomass from the raw biomass to a spectrum of end-product(s).
  • All three competence centres have been established and the effect of having focused activities is showing

For more information on project results, contact the project leaders. When the annual report and accounts are approved by the IFD, all partners will be notified. The overall expenditure and co-funding is following the budgets nicely.