Platform News June 2017

New chairman and strategies for future work

After two years as chairman of the Board, Johan Mogensen, Novozymes, has resigned the position in order to fulfill other work tasks at Novozymes. The board elected their chairmanship for the final year to be:

  • Chairman: Kristian Østerling Eriknauer, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at Arla Foods
  • Vice chairman: Erik Bisgaard Madsen, Vice Dean for Private and Public Sector Services, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science

Kristian explains why the biorefining area and the BioValue consortium as such is an important partnership for Arla:

-“In Arla foods we strive for a sustainable future with growth opportunities for our cooperative owners. We believe BioValue SPIR will be able to come up with ideas, insights and solutions to pursue these objectives. I also believe that working together across industries and research areas will generate valuable new insights and opportunities”.

In the Arla Foods Challenge video on you can hear Kristian Eriknauer pose the challenge: “How to secure relevance of dairy in the sustainable diets of the future?”.

For the remaining time the board will focus on dissemination of the consortium’s results and the strategy for potential new partnerships being formed from the knowledge gathered by BioValue. Especially in the light of the Investment strategy for Bioresources 2017-2019 published by Innovation Fund Denmark and the newly reviled recommendations from Advisory Board on Circular Economy. Many points in both documents align well with the interests of BioValue’s stakeholders. The BioValue board has formulated recommendations to a Grand Solutions Program and will continuously work towards an expanding Danish Biorefinery sector.