Platform news March 2017

Board Meeting in March

The board approved the annual progress report and is proud to see the achievements of BioValue as a strategic platform

Besides being a platform delivering core technologies and educated manpower for the future biobased society, BioValue’s partners also intended for the platform to become a forum to which decision makers would look to for knowledge and which could strengthen the retrieval of EU-funding to Denmark. The Board is pleased to see this achieved in 2016.

BioValue has become one of the ”go-to” platforms for information on biorefinery and bioeconomy in the eyes of various political and professional forums, as exemplified by the contributions BioValue has delivered recently:

  • Input and dialogue for FORSK2025 catalogue on cascading utilization of biomass for high value products
  • Co-authoring the knowledge synthesis: ”Green biomass – protein production through biorefining” commissioned by NaturErhvervstyrelsen (see this newsletter)
  • Presentation of “How can biorefining contribute to future action plans on sustainable development goals?” at Sustain-ATV conference at DTU, Nov 2016
  • Delivered topic entitled “Ensuring competitiveness of sustainable biobased value chains by unlocking the full potentials of the biomass” for the H2020 work program 2018-2020 in Societal Challenge 2
  • Presentation of “Must-win battles” for working group of government-issued Advisory Board on Circular Economy
  • Presentation of “Inspiration for a Nordic Bioeconomy Strategy” on Nordic Council of Ministers’ stakeholder conference and delivering case story “Upgrading plant materials to high-value products” for Nordic Council of Ministers’ catalogue “Nordic Bioeconomy – 25 cases for sustainable change” (previous newsletter)

Also, the activities and generated knowledge in BioValue has enabled partners to participate in the H2020-call BB-08-2017: “Strategies for improving the bioeconomy knowledge of the general public”. Through KU-PLEN, the BioValue network is included in the proposal entitled “Enhancement of citizens’ understanding of the bioeconomy, through dialogue and communication (BIODIAL)”, submitted February 2017.

The board approved new innovation projects – closing the “SME-pool”

After processing the incoming  innovation-project proposals, the board has concluded that the Innovation pool – originally known as the SME-pool – is now fully allocated. There will be no more calls for Innovation projects. Thus, the indisposed funds of 11,3 mio. DKK have now been matched with equal amounts from new or existing industry partners to support near-market innovation in biorefinery. The main focus for the Innovation pool administrators until BioValue terminates in June 2018 will be following through on the great objectives of the individual projects. Descriptions of all the Innovation projects running will be available on the website during spring 2017.