Danish Biotech Breakthrough

A potential breakthrough in the biotech industry has been made by a team of researchers affiliated with Copenhagen University. We here at BioValue congratulate professor Claus Felby and his team, consisting of, associate professor Niels-Ulrik Frigaard, postdoc David Cannella and postdoc Klaus Benedikt Møllers with their discovery.

In what the team of researchers are now calling reverse photosynthesis the suns energy is harvested and used to break down plant material. Very shortly stated this means that processes that beforehand were done in bigger plants, omitting pollution, now have the potential to have their manufacturing done through this process, combating pollution in a substantial manner. Conversion processes that before took many hours to complete can now be done within a matter of minutes as well.

This means that we in the foreseeable future will see faster production, significantly decreased energy consumption and less pollution.

If you wish to read the original paper published by the group we have included this as the first link below.

Many Danish major news outlets have already covered this story and we encourage our readers to read these.
For non-Danish readers we refer you to Copenhagen Universities own press release in English.
All the mentioned articles can be found below.

  • Original paper

    Light-driven oxidation of polysaccharides by photosynthetic pigments and a metalloenzyme

  • Politiken

    Denne grønne kolbe kan redde kloden

  • DR

    Dansk biotek-sensation: Omvendt plantemotor giver billig og grøn energi