A senior professor’s perspective on the annual meeting

The biggest take away

At this year’s annual meeting there was a focus on the industrial perspective of the research conducted in the platform. From Project 2 we decided to ask Professor Lene Lange from Center for Bioprocess Engineering, DTU, what her thoughts were on the annual meeting and the future of BioValue.

 With the annual meeting spanning over two days there was a lot to take home. Therefore we asked Lene what the biggest take away from this year’s annual meeting.

“The primary impression from the annual meeting was that now BioValue is really taking off. Significant results were reported on, integrated research efforts involving different types of partners were demonstrated to deliver, upscaling is initiated and last but definitely not least, the economics were more prominent. This is important to prepare us for better contributing to the creation of value chains which our research results should provide the basis for. We need to understand what it takes in order to prioritize our research efforts.” Says Lene

Industrial perspective

As the BioValue platform matures, focus on deliverables is sharpened. This is why there was a bigger focus on the industrial perspectives at this year’s annual meeting. A theme that easily abstracts from a researchers point of view, which is why we asked Lene how the theme resonated with her:

“I have 20 years of industrial experience from working in R&D of Danish Biotech industry. So yes, industrial perspectives definitely resonate with me. The industrial papers was a very significant and value adding contribution to the BioValue annual meeting. The industrial perspective shed light on the knowledge chains and the value chains we are building together in the BioValue project platform. It provided inspiration to work together in an even more integrated manner.” She says.

The future

There is certainly an aspiration to work together in an even more integrated manner and to try to utilize what the BioValue platform is a foundation for, partnerships between academic and commercial partners. BioValue and its partners will continuously work on bettering itself and sharpening it focus.

“I believe we are now moving in the right direction. The best we can do now is to try to move even faster ahead in delivering on what we promised. There are more potentially research results in P2 than was reported in the overview given. My wish is that we work even closer together between the partners.” Says Lene when asked about what her wishes for the BioValue platform are.

Lene did have one point of interest that she feels should be more encompassed in the upcoming annual meeting.

“I suggest that we in the coming meetings include more of the associated SME collaboration projects, also funded by the BioValue funding program. Even though it is small projects only, there could be more value generated, by extending the dialogue between the BioValue partners and the SME´s.”

She believes that furthering the communication and transparency in all aspects of the BioValue platform will add value that we, as a platform and as individual partners, all could gain from.