Project 3:
Upgraded sugar streams from biomass

Main ideas and research focus for udgrading sugar streams

The upgraded sugar and lignin streams will be obtained by optimizing pretreatments in combination with enzymatic treatments, separation and purification techniques. Initially, the work will focus on wheat straw and sugar cane bagasse as biomasses, but other biomass types, including green biomasses may be considered later. Enzymatic hydrolysis will also be tested for polishing of potato protein and potato fibre processing and to be used in dewatering concepts. A part of the project will be on immobilized enzyme technologies for advanced sugar upgrading.


  1. To produce of a range of biomass monosaccharide streams (C5 and C6) and lignin streams of specified purities
  2. Test different pretreatments and investigate how these can be optimized to support the physical separation of sugars from lignin – to improve the purity of the sugar streams and obtain lignin with improved properties for biorefining
  3. Test enzyme immobilization for liquid catalysis and enzyme recycling
  4. To investigate dewatering concepts (reduced water binding capacity) relevant in several biorefining process steps
  5. To upgrade potato proteins and fibres

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