Project 5:
Value-added products from catalytic conversion of carbohydrate feed streams

Main ideas and research focus for catalytic conversion

Recent results have shown that direct catalytic conversion of sugars in methanol can produce smaller C2-C4 products such as methyl lactate and methyl vinylglycolate in good yield. While methyl lactate has a negligible world market, the derived products such as lactide, lactic acid and polylactic acid have a rapidly growing market, presently 1⁄4 million Mt with kg prices averaging DKK 20/kg. In addition, the development will lead to new primary products such as solid state catalysts for the world market.

The project includes development of new processes based on ground-breaking catalytic processes developed by members of the team. Also, it will provide basic understanding of the involved processes, providing the foundation for developing new efficient catalysts and process conditions.

Was BioValue worth the investment? – Yes indeed, said Haldor Topsøe:

Read the article in DI Business on what Haldor Topsøe perceives as the outcome of the platform


  1. Develop novel catalytic processes for the chemical conversion of carbohydrate streams into value-added products including methyl lactate.
  2. Develop new catalytic materials for direct catalytic conversion of sugars.
  3. Study of the migration of carbon atoms in the sugars and other mechanistic aspects
    during catalytic conversion.

Publications in project 5:

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