3 Competence Centers are Established to Ensure the Coherency of the Value Chain

The competence centers will be in charge of coordination, research coherence and knowledge transfer across the projects and the partners.

Connection to other competence centers is of key importance as well as to the innovation platform and the SeSE platform.

Competence Center Leaders:

Jan Kofod Schjørring CCL Biomass KU jks@plen.ku.dk
Anne S. Meyer CCL Separation DTU am@kt.dtu.dk
Ib Johannsen CCL Conversion AU ibj@eng.au.dk


Competence Center for Biomass involves mainly project 1 and project 2.

Competence Center for Separation involves mainly project 3 and is the link between projects early in the value chain (project 1 + 2) and later in the value chain (project 4, 5, and 6).

Competence Center for Conversion involves mainly project 4, 5, 6.