The National Bioeconomy Panel’s Recommendations

The National Bioeconomy Panel’s Recommendations

The National Bioeconomy Panel has recently published a number of recommendations.

These have been handed over to the Danish government with the intention of promoting a interest in funding the green biomass research and development. It is the panel’s consensus that these recommendations can help with creating economic growth and sustainability.

The five recommendations are based on a number of cases, where BioValue’s Project 2, has supplied data for the case of protein from green biomass. When reading about the large potential of “grass-protein”, it is however important to keep in mind that competitiveness of the protein products is crucial and will depend on many yet undescribed parameters such as protein feed quality, quality and stability of product when upscaling etc.

For further reading on the recommendations and the cases that have led to these we refer to the two documents below. Please do note that these are in danish.

Cases-groen-biomasse_sept 2015

Anbefalinger grønbiomasse sept2015

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