The Nordic Bioeconomy

In 2014 a new bioeconomy project was started: “Test centers for green energy solutions – Biorefineries and Business needs”. With the intention of strengthening green growth in the area of bioeconomy, through analyzing and mapping the status of the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries. The initiative was to identify the potentials, obstacles, needs and opportunities within the sector.

This lead to a set of policy recommendations being formulated for the Nordic countries.

The project report also highlights four trends. The first of these being how the Nordic countries have not only focused on the development of biofuels but also built up competence and technologies in both academia and business R&D. Thus enabling valorization of side streams from primary production and from the bio-industrial sector.

The second trend is that all the public research funding agencies in the Nordic countries have had large scale program activities, dedicated to developing knowledge, know-how and technologies of relevance to the yellow biorefinery. Later on programs dedicated to the green and blue biorefinery along with upgrade of waste have been funded.

The third trend is a heavy focus on both business potentials of increased efficiency and on environmental and economic sustainability.

The final trend, the fourth, is that the Nordic bioeconomy has through the last five to ten years been a development priority of all the major Nordic players.

The report continues on to highlight a number of problems when it comes to the further development of the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries. Among these problems are regulatory obstacles and observations remarking how collaborations often are national, and don’t cross borders.

The report gives short and medium term solutions to deal with these problems for the long term. Making a set of recommendations that specifically deals with the problems that have been highlighted.

Read the whole report here.