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The challenges of the world today come from an increasing population consuming high value products. This results in an enormous pressure on resources in environmental and financial matters.

However, biorefining is the new value chain in the future bio-based society

Our strategy: Biorefining is the upgrading of biomass

The objective is to ensure that Denmark is the world leader in sustainable biorefining technologies and solutions for tomorrow’s bio-based society

How to do that?

The biomass must be separated into a number of components that are either used directly (eg. Proteins) or decomposed into building blocks (eg. Sugar molecules) with subsequent conversion into new products. In order to exploit this potential a significant technological development is required and must simultaneously be both resource and economically sustainable. Therefore, the generation of new knowledge from Danish Universities and large Danish companies are transferred to small and medium enterprises, which will develop technologies to hit commercial markets within 2-3 years.

BioValue deals with entire value chain from sustainable biomass production, the separation and conversion into new products

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